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  1. Hi! Anastasia Yuriyivna before that I would like to ask how are you? What are your plans for the evening? How is your health? I hope you are well. I want to tell you a lot but I will tell you in the credentials. Recently I was in Lviv riding in a car. It took a long time to go to Lviv, but we survived. Arriving in Lviv, I saw a big clock, many pizzerias, and also I saw many museums, we parked and after the train we went to a cafe where we ate and drank coffee. It was a tower that was divided into 4 floors. 1st floor wardrobe
    2nd floor was a bar, 3rd floor of the waiters (ticket office)
    and the 4th floor is the tallest room it was already a big cafe. There was a lot on the menu, we took a little food. After the cafe we ​​went for a walk around the city. passed through museums. but we came to lions not one banner was another family. we came to pick up their grandmother and at the same time walked around the city. I’m sorry about that, but I need to go help my mother.
    Goodbye Anastasia Yuriyivna

  2. Hello dear teacher! How are you? don’t you get sick? I hope everything is fine!❤️ I want to tell you where I’ve been lately! for the winter holidays, my family and I went to celebrate the new year in Lviv! it took a long time, but watching the view from the car window was very exciting! we arrived in Lviv at 9 pm on December 30, and immediately went to the apartment to sleep because we were tired. In the morning we all woke up very early and my mother and aunt went to the store to buy food and ingredients for the New Year’s table! at the time my little brother and I were watching Harry Potter it was my first time watching Harry Potter! I like it! When my parents returned from the store, my mother called me to help her cook. we cooked a lot of food. in the evening we came to the Christmas tree in Lvov, it was very beautifully dressed up!! We walked there and took pictures! then we went back to the apartment at 10:20 pm where everything was already ready. at 11 pm we sat down at the table with the whole family and were waiting for the congratulations of the president. When he started talking, I opened the timer and we were looking forward to the new year! and now at 12 o’clock!!! we waited!! we shouted with the whole family: happy new year!! and clinked glasses, there were fireworks on the street, it was a lot of fun! this new year was the best! how did you celebrate the new year? I hope you enjoyed celebrating it! I have to go, sorry! Bye favorite teacher!

  3. Dear Anastasia Yurivnaya! How are you feeling? I hope that you are doing well! I am writing this sheet for you in order to tell you about what happened to me the other day. The story is so amazing that it is impossible to remain silent. With your permission, I’ll start!
    My name is Naila at that time I studied in the 8th grade in the city of Chernivtsi, I come from Ukraine Since childhood, my dream was to move to live in Amerek because there are a lot of interesting things there. But since my parents were not rich, it was not possible.Let’s go to history
    It was my weekend. I invited my close friend to go for a walk with me because the weather was not very good, we went to a cafe. school.
    In the morning I heard my loud alarm clock turning it off I went to do my morning routine I got ready and went to school the weekday ended I went home I did my homework and stuck on my phone at that moment my
    at that moment my parents were at home when a loud siren rang out in the street with a fright, I turned on the radio to distract myself, but the radio scared me even more
    it was impossible to take anything with on the radio they said that there was an explosion at the nuclear power plant the radiation because we would have carried the radiation we were sent on a bus an hour later we arrived in Texas my parents rented a chic house on the course there was a closet and the house itself was bright and large my room had a green color like me and I wanted the house to be in light colors. just from that moment we lived in that wonderful house happily ever after
    Thank you for taking a look at my sheet.
    Best regards from Niley.
    See youdid my homework and stuck on my phone at that moment my
    at that moment my parents were at home when a loud siren rang out in the street with a fright, I turned on the radio to distract myself, but the radio scared me even more
    it was impossible to take anything with the radiation because we would have carried the radiation we were sent on a bus an hour later we arrived in Texas my parents rented a chic house on the course there was a closet and the house itself was bright and large my room had a green color like me and I wanted the house to be in light colors. just from that moment we lived in that wonderful house happily ever after
    Thank you for taking a look at my sheet.
    Best regards from Niley.
    See you💕🌸

  4. hello dear teacher! at first i want to ask how are you?i hope your day went well.so i want to say news about me and my plans.i’m want to visit poland,usa,canada or italy.it’s amazing countries,i was in poland and italy.guees what! i have cousin and he italian and at this holidays he visited ukraine.we celebrated new year together!so,about my plans:i want learning english more and i hope your web-site help me!i want walking more,reading more,decorated my room and many other.i’m creative person,so i like design my planner,weave beads,cleaning my room(idk why but ok:)i hope u foundet this interesting.i’ts time to finished.thank u for reading,see u!best wishes💌

  5. Hi, teacher! How are things? I hope youʼre well and would like to tell you about a big oblast.
    This ares is called Kyiv. Its in the north of Ukraine and not far from Chernivtsi. There are high flat in this city. The building is a very big and modern. In churches the ceilings are covered with gold. Trams run throughout the city. There are a many shopping centre and McDonalds. Its seems nice but the evening is more beautiful. Because the coachella glows with colorful lanterns and you can take a photo there.That’s all I saw.
    Ok, I have to go because I must make a homework.
    Best wishes and see you!

  6. Hello dear teacher! First, how are you? I hope with you all alright. What did you do today? On this holidays I went to Ivano-Frankivsk. To my aunt. I and my mum were so happy to see her, because we haven`t seen for a long time. We went to her house and on the next day we went for a walk in Ivano-Frankivsk. We went to the main street. On this street was so many people, and you can get lost yourself.I saw very beautiful, old, big houses. At all, all town so beautiful. Also there are many cool shops, and shopping centers.
    So, it`s time to finish.
    With love your student Khrystyna!

  7. Hello.
    My name is Tolik.
    Onse I was with my family in Odessa at sea. At noon
    We went to sea. And at the evening we walked around the city. There were many beautiful houses and shops. We lived in a small house by sea. After that we went home. We drive 12 hours.

  8. Hello teacher. I want to tell you about the big news. two weeks ago I was with my family in France. we were in a city called Paris. we lived in a small but modern apartment design. in Paris, we went to many shops where we bought things. also, we were in restaurants where they cook very well. And of course, we were at the Elf Tower. She was tall and beautiful.
    and how are you? I hope all is well. time to finish, I have to go. All the best,
    Vika( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. Hello Anastasia Yuriyivna!
    How are things? Big new! I’m im Bukovel! When we arrived , we rented a hotel room ,unpacked our suitcases and went to dinner. there were different dishes in the menu. after that we take a rest for a little and go to swim in swimming pool. it was not a lot people here 4-5 peoples. also it was sauna nearby i swimmed a lot, but we dont take glasses and i was a little hard. on next day we waked up we go to breakfast now we rested and i need to go, goodbye Anastasia Yuriyivna!

  10. hello 🙂 wanted to ask how your business and life are new? how did you spend your weekend? I want to share with you my impressions of my weekend! I went to Chernivtsi with my girlfriend and our parents, first we went to billiards, there was fun I enjoyed playing! then we went to the attractions where my girlfriend and I rode after that we went to the Christmas tree and walk down the street✨✨ Kobylyanskaya when we came to the Christmas tree there was a very nice play of New Year’s songs. We took wafflesand went for a walk🧇🥞! on the way we got hungry and went to the pizzeria “SHO-SHO” where we took french fries juice🍹 and two pizzas! 🍕and we went home! sorry i have to go, solfeggio will start soon! will be waiting for your reply🏠🚗

  11. Hi Anastasia Yurivna, I was recently in Egypt, I really liked it, the night was very fun and very beautiful, everything shone like a firefly, there were all kinds of concerts, morning exercise. I liked the circus the most, it was very funny. there was a very beautiful sea and the pools were very big slides, I remember how we sailed on a big liner and saw a lot of fish, they were different colors since the rainbow we caught them and then went on a submarine. Saw corals they were also different colors of yellow-blue-purple. There was very tasty ice cream in Egypt, I ate ice cream every night. So I spent my vacation. I wish you a good Wednesday !!! so that you do not lose the Internet and you do not turn off the sound to anyone. Paka Anastasia Yurivna sender of the letter Stradetskiy Maksim

  12. Good afternoon Anastasia Yuriyivna! How are you doing? I hope you are fine. I thought you might be interested to hear about my trip to Chernivtsi with my parents and brother. Last weekend my family and I went to Chernivtsi to relax and have fun. We planned to go to the movies first, then go to a pizzeria nearby to eat, relax and go home. At 8.00 we left the house and headed for Chernivtsi. On the way we met my friend Vanya who was going on the same route to his grandmother.

    At 8.54 we were already at the cinema and waiting for the start of the session. We went to a new movie about Spider-Man, which I’m a big fan of. The session lasted a little over 3 hours after which we went to the pizzeria. We ordered two VERY large margaritas and two VERY large portions of french fries. After a delicious dinner we were happy and happy to go home. I wish you the same exciting weekend I spent.
    See you soon
    Anastasia Yuriyivna.

  13. Hello. Anastasia Yurivna, I have news for you. I forgot to ask how you are doing. What are your plans for this day.
    I have everything very well. Therefore, my younger brother Sasha had a birthday today. The day began with the fact that my mother woke me up so we went to congratulate him. He was given a punching bag and a lego. After that we went to class. They made a Lego with him, and during that time my mother and grandmother baked pizza.When everyone ate, my mother took out the cake, she and I laid out candles on it, there were seven because Sasha is also seven years old. The cake was blue with caramels and a car. Later we took pictures and went to the entertainment center.We jumped there, played, played football. Later, when it was about to close, we got married and went home. That’s the story and it’s over and it’s time for me to go.
    Paka Anastasia Yurivna

  14. If you want to be healthy, strong and beautiful you should go in for sports. If you want to keep yourselves fit, you should go in for sport regularly. Nobody likes to be stout and clumsy.

    We enjoy watching nice bodies of sportsmen, their strength and adroitness.

    When I go in for sports I feel wonderful. I don’t sneeze or cough. I am cheerful, active and full of energy. I try to do some training almost every day. In summer I go swimming or rowing. I enjoy spending winter holidays in the country. There I can ski or skate. Certainly, it depends on the weather. But all the same in the village there are more possibilities for this than in town.

    For those who have already determined to go in for sport is very important to choose the kind of sport he likes best. Some games are quiet, others are very lively, active. Some kinds of sports need simple equipments and facilities, others — rather complex ones.

    First touch to sports and games we make in childhood. Later on in school we discover our favourite sports and games. I doubt whether the bare idea that sport is helpful to make us healthy, will make somebody go in for sport if he doesn’t like physical exercises. That’s why the lessons of physical training at school are very important.

    At school we have PT lessons twice a week. Our sports teacher is a reasonable woman. She realizes that those who want to become professionals attend specialized sport sections but the majority of us will remain amateurs.

    Our teacher considers her pupils must enjoy sports, then they will go in for sports and when they graduate from school. And I completely agree with her.

  15. Hello Anastasia Yuriyivna. Every summer my family and I go to Greece to visit our grandparents. It’s a lot of fun there. In the morning we go to the sea, then home and shopping. On the weekend at the attractions. Friends of my grandfather, his name was Lifter, often came to visit us. It takes almost 2 days to go to Greece. And fly fast. Also in Greece there is the Acropolis, we went there often but we did not go to the castle. There are many Russians and Ukrainians on the Acropolis. there are clothes for sale, all kinds of souvenirs and much more. At sea, I found Elpid’s friend, her Russian name Nadia. I really want to meet her for a lot of fun. I hope to go there again this summer. Goodbye Anastasia Yuriyivna.

  16. Hello Anastasia Yurivna!
    Now I tell you how goes my day.It starts at 8 AM I get up and go brush my teeth after this I have the breakfast.Than I have some lessons after lessons I go eat and do my homework. Afternoon I relax in my room I watch television or films after that I have the dinner.And in 11 PM I go to bed sleeping.
    Best wishes, see you soon!!!

  17. Hello, Anastasia Yuriyivna! How are you? I hope you are well. And you had a great New Year and Christmas holidays.
    By the way, I spent the Christmas holidays in the town of Kosiv in the Ivano-Frankivsk region with my grandmother. This city is located about 70 kilometers from the city of Kitzman. This city is small. The population is about 12 thousand people. There is a river that looks very nice in winter. In addition to admiring the city’s scenery, I also went to carols. I really enjoyed it.
    I have to run because I have to help my dad at work. I wish you all the best Anastasia Yuriyivna.

  18. Hi. Here I want to tell you about my 2022 holiday. It all started with the New Year … My mother cooked a lot of delicious food, my parents and I started firecrackers. And I was given a new phone and a smart watch. I was very happy! Next is my favorite holiday: Holiday Evening. On this holiday the whole family gathers in a friendly, quiet circle, have dinner and talk! On these holidays I sang carols and gave generously, I do so every year. When all the New Year holidays were coming to an end, someone started them, loud salutes could be heard from the street! That’s how my winter vacation went. But this is not the end … There is 1 holiday left, this is my birthday. What will happen on February 19, I look forward to it! I am very glad that you read my letter !!! I want to ask, how was your winter vacation and holidays?💝☃️

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