5 thoughts on “Emails (invitation)

  1. Hi Sasha,
    How are you? Did you hear the good news?
    We won the war! YAY🥳🇺🇦

    I’m planning a party in honour of this. Now we are meet for a long time!!!
    I’m going to invite Emma and Masha. It will be fun.🤩

    I reserved a table at Black House, delicious pizza is prepared here!🍕
    It’s on Sunday 20 June. It’s going to start at the 6.30.
    I hope you can come.


  2. Hi, Liza!
    How are you? Did you have a good news? Tomorrow is summer! We have been waiting for him for so long! How do you like the offer to meet in the city?
    Write back soon!

  3. Hi Katie
    How are you?I’m a fine.I invent you to me in guest.Write, when you come and in who hours.Ok?I will wait.Will happing and playing.In me is near that house playground.Went will playing, walking and ride a bike or a skateboard.There even are shops.Be go buy some sweet and some something else.
    Love and hugs🤗
    Your friend Anna

  4. Hello Alisa!
    How are you? I’m fine ☺️
    At the next week we will have last bell. It’s cool! When in your school will last bell?
    Guess what!we going to make a party.I invite you to a party 🙂
    It’s will in July at 2 o’clock 🕛. Cafe called Black House 🏯.
    Let’s meet opposite Bank 🏢
    Write back soon!😃
    Your Vika

  5. Hello Masha! How are you? Tomorrow is Children’s Day.
    I plan to invite you to celebrate this day together. My mom can reserv a table at a pizzeria. Maybe at 3:00 pm, when the lessons are over. We will meet in the park at 2:30 pm . Pizzeria near the park. I’m going to buy carrot apple juice for you! Want to spend tomorrow with me? Write back soon! Love, Olya.

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