Warm-up Activities

What’s the missing word?

Ask your students to close their eyes. Remove a card. Ask students to open their eyes again and say what the missing word is.

Odd one out

Make a list of four or five words, all but one of which have something in common. Ask the students to find the “odd-one-out”.

For example:

  • dog, cat, donkey, dragon

The answer could be dragon (because it is the only mythical creature) or cat(because all the other words start with “d”).

Name ten

Ask students to make up 10 sentences about certain category.

  • Jobs where you have to wear a uniform
  • English football clubs
  • Sports that are played with a ball
  • Foods that contain egg
  • Animals that lay eggs
  • Three letter parts of the body – eye, arm, leg, hip, ear, toe jaw, rib, lip, gum

Finish The Thought


Write the beginning of a sentence on the whiteboard and ask students to complete it. For example:

  • Today I’m happy about…
  • Today will be awesome because…
  • Today I want to learn about…
  • By the time we finish today, I want to have… (learned, done, found, improved…)
  • Yesterday, I wish I had…

Play a song, pass the ball

All you have to do is pick a song (the latest pop hit that your students would be familiar with), toss a ball to a student and then urge them to pass it to another student.

Students will quickly understand that the point is to get rid of the ball as fast as possible. Then, at the right moment, you stop the music. The student holding the ball must answer a question, read a line from a story, anything that has to do with English.

Find Someone Who…

Would you rather…?

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